Motýlice (Calopterygidae)


The Calopterygidae are a family of damselflies, in the suborder Zygoptera. They are commonly known as the broad-winged damselflies demoiselles, or jewelwingsThese rather large damselflies have wingspans of 50–80 mm (compared to about 44 mm in the common bluetail damselfly, Ischnura elegans) and are often metallic-coloured. The family contains some 150 species.

The Calopterygidae are found on every continent except Antarctica. They live along rivers and streams.

Šídlatky | Lestidae | Spreadwings

Šidélka | Coenagrionoidea | Damselflies

Šídla | Aeshnidae | Hawkers

Klínatky | Gomphidae | Clubtails

Páskovci | Cordulegastridae | Spiketails

Lesklice | Corduliidae | Emeralds

Vážky | Libellulidae | Skimmers

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