Lesklice (Corduliidae)


The Corduliidae, also knowns as the emeraldsemerald dragonflies or green-eyed skimmers, is a family of dragonflies. These dragonflies are usually black or dark brown with areas of metallic green or yellow, and most of them have large, emerald-green eyes. The larvae are black, hairy-looking, and usually semiaquatic. This family include species called „baskettails“, „emeralds“, „sundragons“, „shadowdragons“, and „boghaunters“. They are not uncommon and are found nearly worldwide, but some individual species are quite rare. Hine’s emerald dragonfly (Somatochlora hineana), for example, is an endangered species in the United States.

Motýlice | Calopterygidae | Jewelwings

Šídlatky | Lestidae | Spreadwings

Šidélka | Coenagrionoidea | Damselflies

Šídla | Aeshnidae | Hawkers

Klínatky | Gomphidae | Clubtails

Páskovci | Cordulegastridae | Spiketails

Vážky | Libellulidae | Skimmers

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