Klínatky (Gomphidae)


The Gomphidae are a family of dragonflies commonly referred to as clubtails or club-tailed dragonflies. The family contains about 90 genera and 900 species found across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The name refers to the club-like widening of the end of the abdomen (abdominal segments 7 through 9). However, this club is usually less pronounced in females and is entirely absent in some species.

Motýlice | Calopterygidae | Jewelwings

Šídlatky | Lestidae | Spreadwings

Šidélka | Coenagrionoidea | Damselflies

Šídla | Aeshnidae | Hawkers

Páskovci | Cordulegastridae | Spiketails

Lesklice | Corduliidae | Emeralds

Vážky | Libellulidae | Skimmers

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